Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bash

Michigan's Hash Bash is a celebration of the cannabis culture, held each year on the first Saturday in April.

This year the date to put on your calendar is April 2nd. As is tradition the event kicks off at "High" Noon on the Diag at U of M, and moves on to Monroe St. at approx. 1:00pm, where the Monroe Street Fair takes place. This is a wonderful gathering of heads, lovers of cannabis, and activists, all showing love for their fellow human beings. In fact, if you’d like to attend the Hash Bash for the first time, just show up on April 2nd and follow the beautiful people. It’s that easy!

Begun in 1972 after the John Sinclair rally/concert “ten for two”, which lit a fire under cannabis supporters everywhere, the Hash Bash has become an Ann Arbor tradition. And don’t think that members of Ann Arbor’s law enforcement community haven’t recognized this. They are known for objecting to the event, and some have even sought to end it. But it continues, and for one good reason: People show up to support it. The Hash Bash is nationally recognized, and it’s here to stay.

For those of you afraid to attend this event because you think the place is surrounded (It probably is. Sorry optimists), there are certain guidelines you can follow NOT to get busted.

#1) The cops are looking for the obvious. They’re looking for potheads firing up a “J”. They’re looking for the hippies, the burners, the dealers. Don’t give them an easy look. What a trip it would be if all the attendees at the Bash wore three piece suits one year instead of jeans and t-shirts. It would totally fuck their heads up. So don’t be a burnout. Be a productive citizen who just happens to smoke cannabis. Those people do exist don’t they?

#2) Cannabis possession is a civil offense in the city of Ann Arbor, although State & Federal laws still apply, so BE SMART. Smoking on or near any U of M property will be looked at as a cardinal sin. And after getting taken down for smoking a joint in 2000, I can tell you they go out of their way to humiliate and embarrass you. Smoke on the Diag at your own risk.

#3) This is a pro-cannabis event, and city residents expect the “freaks” to come out on Hash Bash day. This is our strength. They’re expecting us. And no matter what you say about cannabis supporters, they bring money to spend, and they’ll buy food and drinks galore. The centerpiece of Monroe St. is Dominics, and they clean up every year. So there’s a kind of love-hate relationship going on. Play up the Love and play down the Hate.

#4) We all love each other. We’re there to have a good time. Doesn’t everyone want to support love?

The Hash Bash is the kickoff for Cannabis events world-wide. It is an Icon, a Tradition, and an American Original!

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