Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pot Head's Dilemma - "To Smoke Or Not To Smoke."

Here we are in the 21st Century, and we still don't have hover-cars, space highways, or cannabis legalization. And while technology moves to realize the first two, one wonders when, and if, the third will ever happen. Oh sure. They'll throw us a bone every once in a while, but in the broader sense our politicians and judicial tyrants don't want legalization across the board. This would mean a huge loss in revenue from pursuing, apprehending, prosecuting, and imprisoning the cannabis culture. And I'm not talking about Mr. Kingpin here. I'm talking about sons, daughters, students, teachers, doctors, patients, police officers, even the lawmakers themselves! I'm talking about a multi-billion dollar business centered around medicinal persecution, or the rights of citizens to partake in cannabis sativa as an alternative to pills and powders.

Cannabis, or as its more commonly referred to, marijuana, is still high on society's hit list as being a negative & destructive force on our culture. In spite of the fact that it has never caused a single death (compare to alcohol), and that most pot smokers are a peace-loving and caring lot, your average Mom & Pop household still look at it as a 'gateway drug', and therefore a potential threat to their way of life. Cannabis is almost always accompanied by harder drugs when there's a 'bust', and therefore gets lumped into the same extreme categories. If a proper survey were done, it would most likely show that a majority of those who are against cannabis legalization are avid drinkers and pill poppers. Which makes most of society's opposition to our cause purely hypocritical. But of course this doesn't stop them from pushing the issue, and smoking a 'J' in public can still get you prison time in the Land Of The Free.

Which brings us to the average pot smoker, a group that is reportedly getting bigger each year (Take that D.A.R.E.!). They are often the demographic however that, come election time, are rarely seen at the polls, even when a key pro-cannabis initiative is on the ballot. Their reasons for not turning out vary, from being afraid the government will target them for signing a petition, to just out right laziness. One thing is for sure. If even half of the pot heads in this state, let alone nationally, voted when pro-cannabis initiatives were up for consideration, pot would be legal, or at the very least de-criminalized. There are pot heads everywhere. They're on every corner, in every neighborhood, every board room, and are of every nationality. They are your parents, your mentors, and your clergy. Pot heads have the numbers to politically change this country. If only they could admit they were pot heads.

America is fueled by Big Media, a Capitalist machine that has managed to permeate every corner of our society. You can't go anywhere without the glare of Big Brother peeking out from a sign, billboard, magazine, TV, or storefront. And what Big 'Media' Brother teaches you is similar to what George Orwell envisioned, "Be good. Don't smoke that 'wacky tobacky'. Watch these shiny objects. Drink booze and smoke cigs like real Americans. Go to sleep."

Unfortunately, much of America has sucumbed to this 'eternal sleep'. They go along with what their Corporate overlords tell them to: buy the products, believe the bullshit, live in fear. Which is why so many pot heads are afraid to stick their necks out for the pro-cannabis movement, why they prefer to smoke their bud behind locked and bolted doors. They FEAR. The fear-mongers, members of law enforcement and the judicial system, have gotten into their heads. "Thought crime does not entail death: Thought crime is death."--George Orwell.

A recent pro-cannabis vote in California was defeated primarily because the growers of Humboldt County (and other lucrative pot growing areas) feared legalization would hurt their bottom line, a move fully supported by the anti-cannabis movement. Here it wasn't pot smokers who determined the fate of cannabis in Cali but businessmen, who used their riches to help defeat the bill. Just imagine how that vote would have turned out if only a fraction of the non-voting-pot smoking community turned out on November 2nd. They'd be smoking Killer Cali in the streets right now.

"Think For Yourself" has never been more important. We've been manipulated and most people either don't know it, or they're just too afraid to admit it. Fear of cannabis is completely irrational. It is a beautiful & graceful plant with untold resources and pleasures to offer. It may not be your cup of tea, but it is for millions of others, and it always will be. Hundreds of years from now, people will be smoking a spliff in their new hover-car as they listen to Bob Marley. Cannabis will never die. It will continue to grow, and each generation will have its 'heads'. And It Will Be Good.

So pot heads. What's it gonna be? Are you gonna let your freak flag fly, or are we going to continue bailing you out of jail because of your choice of medicine? It's totally up to YOU. The movement is ready to fight the hypocrites who flood our legal system, but we need your help to put this thing over the top. All we're asking from you is to sign a petition every once in a while and go out to vote. It's once every two years! And we must all work together to educate the public about the misconceptions regarding De Herb. This may be as simple as talking to a stranger who's on the fence regarding legalization issues, or wearing that Hash Bash shirt to
a family reunion. But hiding isn't the answer. And that's what a lot of pot smokers are doing right now.

Consider this a challenge. Prove me wrong America! Come out for Cannabis Liberation Day on May 7th, 2011 in over 300 cities world-wide. Make this year's events the biggest ever! If we all work together, this senseless and crazy war against cannabis can finally come to an end.

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