Friday, February 25, 2011

Inside Job

Corporate and governmental concerns are clearly centered on keeping marijuana illegal. This is evident by the huge drug testing industry, which makes billions of dollars violating our privacy. Hemp is a threat to the textile industry, which has mastered the art of merchandising inferior products at a premium price. Even minor marijuana offenses can mean the forfeiture of hundreds of government loans and assistance programs, saving the government millions of dollars. Want to go to college on a Pell Grant? Better not smoke any wacky tobacky.

And the prison complex. More inmates mean more correctional jobs, and we all want that, right? I am convinced that corporate America will never embrace our cause. It’s bad for business. And even though George W. was the biggest coke-head ever to grace the White House, the drug laws in this country are pathetic. It all comes back to the people, just like it did in 1776. We need the average voter. We need them to embrace our cause, if even for selfish reasons.

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