Friday, February 25, 2011

The Weed Generation

In my life I've smoked Michuacan, Monkey Paw, Thai Stick, Panama Red, Columbian Gold, Maui Waui, Northern Lights, Bubble Gum, Jack Herer, Sinsemilla, Purple Kush, Chronic,Blunts, Bongs, Vaporizers, One Hitters, Hookahs, and yes, even a toilet paper roll with tin foil. I am not Tommy Chong by any stretch of the imagination, but I have smoked enough bud to kill every single brain cell in my body. And yet I'm as fit as I've ever been, as thoughtful and productive as I've ever been, and I'm looking forward to the future. Not at all like those anti-pot commercials where the "addicted" are lethargic and pretty much brain dead.

It seems that nowadays we can't buy a break in the mainstream media, in spite of our Seth Rogans and our Snoop Doggs. To them we, the potheads of this great nation, are a hindrance to progress and should be vilified. When I look out here and see the smiling faces, happy because they just smoked a fattie, I know that they're my people. What the media sees however is bunch of hippies and n'er do wells, people who should just be happy that they live in a country as great as America and stop bitching about little things like losing your property because you decided to grow a few seed bank plants in your basement or going to jail and pissing in a cup because you were pulled over and the officer found a roach in your ashtray or losing your children because someone at their school found out that you like to spark up every once in a while or losing your job because you came up dirty on a random piss test. I mean, why can't you freaks drink booze like everyone else?

The fact that you can still go to jail for a very long time for growing what is one of the most beautiful and useful plants in the world is an American tragedy. The fact that sick people are being thrown in jail for growing their medicine is an American tragedy. The fact that nearly every business violates our right to privacy by forcing us to piss in a cup is an American tragedy. This country wastes enough money each year apprehending and incarcerating marijuana offenses to fund thousands of schools and enhance thousands of communities. This too is an
American tragedy.

In closing I'd like to say to all the police officers, judges, prosecutors out there to take a serious look at themselves. To realize that we're all human and we're all looking to fill that void. We're all on drugs of some kind, or we're drunk, or we're speeding on caffeine.

America is a drugged nation! So before you accuse me take a look at yourself.

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