Friday, February 25, 2011


As you guys might or might not know, Cannabis Liberation Day will once again take place in Grand Circus Park in Detroit, the Motor City, on Sat. May 7, 2011. This year there's reportedly 420 cities who have expressed interest in sponsoring an event, and we're sure it will be one of the biggest yet. Our esteemed colleague, Jay Hayburner, who started Detroit Liberation 11 years ago, is not available since he's incarcerated for, you guessed it, cannabis. So this year the field is wide open.

I would like to get every compassion center, every grower, every activist out there on Woodward, and at 4:20 give Detroit the biggest Pro-Cannabis March ever. I am open to ideas from anyone to make this an awesome day of celebration. If you know anyone who is a pro-cannabis performer (musician, poet, artist, mime) please ask them to attend this event. We'll give them a chance to perform for the crowd. Anyone who wants to come down and say a few words about their own experiences will have an open mic at our event.

As to vending, each vendor will have to work that out with the city of Detroit. I would recommend doing that before April 20. (Puff Puff). I will update everyone on the status of our event as information becomes available. Peace.

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