Friday, February 25, 2011

Liberation Is Coming!

MAY 7th, 2011 IS "J" DAY!

For the 11th consecutive year Cures Not Wars is sponsoring a Cannabis Liberation Day march and rally in Detroit, Michigan at Grand Circus Park, 1601 Woodward Ave, directly in front of Comerica Park. The purpose for this event is to decriminalize adult use of cannabis world-wide and free up government resources that are being devoted to prosecuting cannabis related offenses.

Cures Not Wars would like anyone who has been affected by today's oppressive anti-cannabis laws to attend, as well as anyone who believes in personal freedom. We plan to have music, speakers and much more, and there is no admission to attend. Medical marijuana patients & compassion centers will have a special place at our event, and they can consider themselves our guests of honor. We'll kick off the day's festivities at "High" Noon, and plan to go until 6 or 7pm. A march is planned for 4:20pm on the streets of Woodward Ave., in one of Detroit's busiest metropolitan areas, and we ask that you bring signs to carry or materials to make signs, such as poster boards, markers, etc.

This is not just a gathering of cannabis advocates, but a celebration of the cannabis culture as well as Michigan's recent medical marijuana legislation. We offer a peaceful and positive way to show the community that wasting tax dollars on busting potheads is a drain on all citizens, and that such laws need to be repealed.

What makes this event special is the people. Much like Ann Arbor's Hash Bash, which attracted thousands of cannabis supporters last year, Detroit's Liberation Day will be teeming with the young, the old, and everything in between. So won't you please be a part of it. We welcome anyone who would like to speak or perform at this year's event. The exposure factor should be pretty sweet and your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

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