Friday, February 25, 2011

I recently posted a comment to Mike Bouchard's Facebook page regarding his attack on 'marijuana' smokers. Mr. Bouchard, who is the Sheriff Of Oakland County, has persistently harassed medical marijuana compassion centers and blocked pro-marijuana events from taking place within his borders.

His latest comment regarding 'busts' on centers in Ferndale and Waterford, MI was "This is Michigan, not some Cheech and Chong movie,", and he has likened the compassion centers, which are set up legally through Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law, to "organized crime". It is unquestionable that Mr. Bouchard has thrown down the Gauntlet on pot smokers and will resist the LEGAL right of medical 'marijuana' recipients to acquire and use their medicine.

In my comment I asked Mr. Bouchard how long this facade was going to continue, how long before taxpayers start refusing to foot the bill for all his 'marijuana' arrests and incarceration of sick patients. Of course I never got a response and I didn't really expect one. Mr. Bouchard knows deep down in his heart that they are persecuting the wrong people, that this war against an herb is wrong & immoral. But hey, somebody has to be the scapegoat when money's at stake.

Busting potheads is very lucrative for Mr. Bouchard and his cronies. In addition to Michigan's drug seizure laws, which bring in untold amounts of property that can be sold at a 100% profit, law enforcement and courts are welcome to apply any 'charges' to a defendant once they drag them through the legal mud. Probation fees, drug testing fees, tether fees, they even charge you for the jail time itself!

No wonder Mr. Bouchard is so involved in busting potheads. But the community should be very disturbed by this. And don't think that people aren't noticing how law enforcement places things like assault weapons and bales of money out in front of the 'evil weed', as if to further vilify it and excuse their actions against their fellow citizens. Shame on you Mr. Bouchard!


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