Friday, February 25, 2011

Get It Legal!

We now know that cannabis legalization is entirely possible and that the persecution of our culture, which is nothing more than social genocide, will have to end. Yes, Johnny Law is still cracking us in our heads for doing nothing more than smoking a harmless herb, but the lies and deception that have permeated US policy on cannabis is beginning to wear thin. Even the public is getting tired of spending countless tax dollars on busting kids for smoking pot and incarcerating thousands of adults for their chosen medicine and beliefs.

Eventually it will be necessary for those in power to acknowledge that this War On Drugs is a War On People, and our leaders would never continue such practices, let alone support them. With a major vote in California barely getting defeated, and subsequent votes being proposed daily, the march for cannabis liberation carries on. And it's never been more important for all pot smokers and supporters to rally together and help push this thing over the edge. In Michigan, where medical marijuana is now a reality, the fight will be even more heated.

Voters have elected a Secretary Of State, Bill Schuette, who has expressed an interest in repealing the Medical Marijuana Legislation, and it's anybody's guess what new governor Rick Snyder will do to either hinder or help our cause. But one thing is clear. We must follow the example of our good friends Gatewood Galbraith and Jack Herer, and incessantly promote the cannabis cause. Rep De Herb, Mon. And don't think that just because you're not a "user" you can't help with the struggle. We know a lot of people who aren't afraid to let their freak flag fly, to celebrate the counter-culture. And to those brave souljahs we say, "Damn Right!"

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