Friday, February 25, 2011

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya!

Who is an activist's #1 enemy? Go ahead make a list. Then cross them all off. Because an activist's #1 enemy is...Himself!

Activism is a tough gig. It requires sticking to your guns when everyone around you is calling for your head. It asks for a lot and gives back very little. Nowhere is this felt more than in the cannabis movement. Just like the Christians they are being thrown to the lions for no good reason. They're being brutalized, locked up, & persecuted. Their property is being taken away from them. They're losing their families, their dignity, their freedoms. All because they smoke cannabis. A plant.

For a cannabis activist this is a hard pill to swallow. And so they make a commitment to defend the persecuted, to stand up when necessary. That's what Free De Herb is all about. It's about innocent people being destroyed by unfair laws. It's about being subject to an evil rule, where police and courts look at you as another number on a docket. It's about ending the War On Cannabis once and for all. And you just don't hedge on that bet.

I'm an activist. And I intend on seeing cannabis legal in my lifetime. I am so tired of 'potheads' who, in addition to confirming stereotypes about our culture, don't want to get involved. And these are oftentimes the biggest whiners after a run-in with the Five-O. They'll bitch when it's their precious freedom on the line, but when you ask them to step up for the cause they somehow have better things to do. (How many of these award winners do you know?)

For Cannabis Legalization the time is now! And every single smoker, grower, patient, and advocate needs to get on the legalization train (Boarding at 4:20). We'll win your battle for you, but please step back if you're paranoid. We don't need another obstacle in our way. People who are paranoid are concerned with one thing: Themselves. It's a totally selfish condition brought on by purely selfish desires. Paranoid people never question why they live in fear. They just do. Once paranoia is a part of you it becomes a cancer. This 'cancer' is usually what stops all forward progress. It effectively gives us reasons not to try.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that paranoia is all in our minds. Are there enemies out there? Of course. But do they really give a crap about you posting something on a Facebook group? Maybe you're afraid they'll cancel your Facebook page. Sorry, but Facebook's got a thousand reasons to cancel your account, none of which have anything to do with cannabis. So what are you afraid of?

Ironically, your fear is what the Cannabis Nazis are looking for. Because as long as you 'fear' them they can control you. Why do you think they raid legitimate compassion centers all the time? It's part of the Mind-Fuck, to keep you on our toes. Well they can't arrest all of us. And there was a time when the cannabis culture recognized that.

Where's My Real Freedom Fighters?

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