Friday, February 25, 2011

Be A Champion-Smoke Cannabis!

Early in 2009, 8-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps was photographed smoking a water bong containing, GASP!, marijuana. This set off a storm of controversy created mostly by America's media outlets, and before he knew it, the man who just months earlier was declared the greatest Olympian athlete ever became America's scapegoat. Why? Because he decided to smoke marijuana. The only relevant question here is, "Does mainstream America really believe that Michael Phelps is now a common criminal because he smokes De Herb, or was this just more smoke and mirrors by the Pro-Republican media?" I tend to think the latter.

Recent state-wide votes on marijuana have been considerably favorable, even winning out in prehistoric drug states like Michigan. (Oh yeah, Thank You Voters!!) So I think the public are actually supporting decriminalization of marijuana for medical purposes. It's the politicians who invest heavily in the justice system, with its over-the-hill judges who look at crime and punishment as a way to avenge their own shortcomings, who are against it.

Marijuana related offenses are the easiest to prosecute and drug offenses represent the biggest profit for state governments. But they don't stop there, Oh No. Once they put you in prison, then they go after everything that's in your name. Cars, RVs, property, your home. And once you do get out, to nothing by the way, then society doesn't want to give you a job because now you're an ex-con. All because you like to smoke a little bud. I'm sorry, but what the government is allowing to happen to its citizens is as close to Nazi Germany as we're going to get. Does it really matter that instead of leading us to a gas chamber they're leading us to a cell? It doesn't matter to me.

This war on marijuana is a war on people. It's a war fought for greed and power, a war funded by America's Conservative Front so they can continue their prison state mentality and enslave us all. While this might sound like a far fetched idea, think for a second about what happened to Michael Phelps. This man did nothing more than make a bad judgement call and he lost one of his biggest endorsers, Kelloggs. If you listen to Kellogg's side of the story, making a mistake is not part of Kellogg's philosophy. Neither is forgiveness or restraint. Kelloggs is part of that Republican funded prison state and we, the productive pot smokers of America should not spend our money on any of their products. There's just way too many brands of cereal out there.

And to Michael Phelps, I wish you many happy bong hits.

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