Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Mike Bouchard

I'm not a resident of Oakland County, but I can't help but see how hostile you are to the Medical Marijuana law which voters overwhelmingly approved. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess you have a hidden hostility towards the cannabis culture and you're using your lofty position to push your own agenda. The voters don't want you to keep busting marijuana users. So why are you still doing this with alarming frequency? Why are your troops still kicking in doors and busting people for a plant? A PLANT! Do you know Mr. Bouchard? Or are you so drunk with power that you can't see anything reasonable? I think it's the latter.

Funny. You don't look like a fanatic. But your deeds and actions tell otherwise. What are you hoping to achieve? Some Social Utopia? Or are you just living in the past, holding onto the old myths that cannabis is a "gateway drug"? Have you ever studied cannabis Mr. Bouchard. Do you know anything about it besides the fact that it's illegal? I'm betting you don't. Because if you did the necessary research you would find that in 5000 years of use cannabis has NEVER caused a single death, has never been proven to be physically addictive, and cures or helps hundreds of health disorders, including cancer.You can choose not to believe these claims, but you cannot ignore their existence.

Where did you get your medical degree Mr. Bouchard? From a cereal box? Are you seriously telling the residents of your county that this glorified Witch Hunt on cannabis users is necessary, let alone fiscally responsible? Oh, I forgot. Oakland County has so much money to spare that it can choose to engage in these sort of Gestapo tactics. Well then, go ahead Mr. Bouchard. Heaven knows I can't do anything to convince you otherwise. But remember one thing. You war on our culture is an abomination, and if you continue you are betraying your residents, the voters, and your own conscience.

Good Day

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